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Mountaintop Dermatology is conveniently located in Colorado Springs, CO and is committed to serving the dermatologic needs of patients throughout the greater Colorado Springs area!

Dermatologic Surgery

Dermatologic surgery refers to that subspecialty of dermatology that manages skin conditions through surgical procedures. These procedures may involve the superficial layers of the skin or extend through to the underlying subcutaneous tissue depending on the condition being treated.

There are many different forms of dermatologic surgical procedures. For example, for those conditions that are on the surface of the skin, our doctor may choose to remove the lesion by simply shaving or snipping with a blade or scissors, by destroying with a cold spray of liquid nitrogen or electrical destruction with cautery instrument. Examples of conditions that might be treated would be benign problems such as moles, age spots, skin tags, or cancerous conditions where the cancer is in only the upper layers of the skin.

The surgical excision is a procedure in which a growth is cut out and then the resulting wound closed with sutures. This procedure allows for removal of conditions that involve potentially deeper layers of the skin. Examples of benign growths that may be treated with excision are cysts, certain moles, fatty tumors (lipomas), and birthmarks. Excisions are commonly used for treatment of skin cancers. The dermatologic surgeries performed in this office are all done as outpatient procedures under local anesthesia (numbing the skin using an injection with a needle).  This allows for a quicker and safer procedure.  In addition, most recoveries have either minimal or moderate discomfort, which is controlled with regular pain medication such as Tylenol.

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